The HSHPS Graduate Fellowship Training Program Overview (GFTP) provides paid and unpaid training opportunities for graduate and doctoral students, and recent graduates, interested in working on Hispanic health research. Fellows are placed throughout the United States and Latin America within government agencies and academic institutions.

All HSHPS fellows work alongside a mentor, an experienced researcher or senior staff member; assist with a research project as it relates to minority health issues; and participate in a series of professional development seminars. This program strives to assist individuals to develop skills to work with Hispanic and other minority groups in government and academia, pursue higher degrees, publish research, and stay connected with the HSHPS network.

Going on to its 20th year, HSHPS has trained over 400 fellows. Most work with Hispanic and other minority groups in government or academia, pursued higher degrees, published research, and/or received NIH grants.

Please note that although we do not target the GFTP to undergraduate students, we highly encourage third and fourth year undergraduates to apply.

HSHPS’s GFTP is offering PAID 10-week placements with the Office of Minority Health (OMH)’s, Youth Health Equity Model of Practice (YHEMOP).

Fellows will work alongside a mentor and work on projects as they relate to Hispanic and other minority health issues.

     • U.S. citizen or permanent resident (no visas or work permits)
     • Ethnic minority (American Indian, Native Alaskan, Asian and Pacific Islander, Black, or Hispanic) are *highly encouraged* to apply.

The Application is Now Closed

Questions can be emailed to Program Manager.


HSHPS has an extensive network of over 400 Graduate Fellowship Training Program alumni. Be part of our growing familia!

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