NEW HSHPS Shout Out Video

15 Jun 2020 2:09 PM | Anonymous

Watch our newest video shout out message from HSHPS Past President Dr. Maureen Lichtveld.

Thank you Dr. Lichtveld!  Now we want you to share your positive and personal message of hope, kudos, strength, praise or affirmation to your colleagues - our heroes. Record a Shout Out Video that is 3 minutes or less with a positive or thankful message you want to share and upload the video here.

We suggest the following tips when recording:

  • Use a tripod to hold phone steady or prop phone on a surface area. If you are stuck shooting handheld, to stabilize your phone:
    • Keep the phone close to your body
    • Rest your elbows on a nearby object
  • Use the landscape mode (so phone is positioned horizontal vs. vertical)
  • Clean your camera lenses
  • Don’t use the zoom feature – just bring the phone closer to you until you find the perfect distance (this also helps with getting the microphone close to you)
  • Shoot the video in an area with lots of light
  • Be conscientious of background noise – dogs, wind (if outside), TV, computer chiming, etc.

We look forward to sharing your messages of hope and kudos. For technical questions or concerns, please contact

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